First day at Lufbra Service Jam 2013

IMG_6273Tracy Bhamra (Dean of Loughborough Design School) greeting participants

IMG_6364Participants start to form teams

Brainstorming in groupsBrainstorming in teams around a common theme

Enjoying our 3 course meal :)Bonding over dinner

We had a great first day at LufbraJam!

Tracy Bhamra encouraged Jammers to be creative and to design something of value to the world.

James Rock had an inspirational talk about what is “service design”  for our jammers. Asking what are the challenges of the world? Some ideas from the audience were sustainability, ageing population. He went on to describe different types of innovation: the ones that lead to breakthrough, the ones that deal with sustainability, and the ones with efficiency and noted we should think about all three innovations when working towards service design, bringing all three sectors to create innovation. One of the issues in design and innovation is that people don’t like to change so how can we address this problem?

At the end of the day we have five teams: “Fearless” “Kulture” “Branch out” “Eat me””Reflection” and some great projects will be coming out of it.


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