Lufbra Service Design Jam winners 2013 follow-up

Lufbra Service Design Jam had two winners Eat Me and Branch Out teams, who recently met once more for their ‘prize’, a hands-on enterprise workshop entitled Implementing your idea with Julie Holland and Amanda Berry from Glendonbrook Centre for Enterprise Education.

Julie described the session:

“During the session the two teams learned about the different aspects of business planning and how to turn  a great idea into a viable business proposition. Each team worked on a number of exercises that can be used in the business planning process”

Helen, one of the participants from Branchout team,  reflected:

“The workshop was really interesting and insightful. Easy to understand tips of how to turn an idea into a business. There were some great real life examples and I found it to be really good fun! A nice development of what we did in the Jam!