Speakers 2013

This is our first year to Jam and we are very happy that our Jammers will have an opportunity to hear, meet and get inspired by a great number of experts from service design field!

James Rock

Managing Partner, DesignThinkers UK

Managing Partner, DesignThinkers UK

James Rock is Head of DesignThinkers Group in the UK, a role that includes being imagineer, strategist and business/service designer.

In 2005 James realised that the business environment lies increasingly in provision of services, and that more radical and innovative forms of business innovation could be achieved by using the process of design, and he became a very early proponent of Design Thinking as a way to bring a creative mindset into the world of management, and Service Design as a way of delivering innovation via co-design.

James began working with DesignThinkers firstly as an associate, and launched their UK operation in 2012. The group now has studios and offices in Netherlands; UK; USA; Brazil; and Chile; as well as strategic partnerships in Singapore and Israel.


Vanea Cera and Luke Forsythe from Fjord a service design consultancy that helps companies like Citibank, BBC, PayPal, Telefonica and FourSquare create great services using the power of design.

Vanea Cera

Visual Designer at Fjord London

Visual Designer at Fjord London

After five year’s working as a Graphic and Branding Designer helping on the creation and development of brands and its implementation into the market. Vanea passion for the moving image inspired her to develop skills in Motion Graphics and Animation that she presently uses at Fjord to prototype digital platforms and services as well the creation of videos and small campaigns as also beautiful Visual Design interfaces for digital services.

Luke Forsythe

Senior Service Designer at Fjord London

Senior Service Designer at Fjord London

Luke graduated with a first in product design from Ravensbourne and an blossoming obsession with the new world of digital. After a interning at Smart Design in New York, Luke returned to London and joined social-gaming startup bragster.com. 2 years later the service had been described as “Jackass meets Facebook” by the Guardian and “A remarkable example of thoughtful social interaction design” by Gentry Underwood of IDEO.

As part of his work at Fjord, Luke works on highly strategic mobile-first or post-PC projects that require a deep understanding of cutting edge technology, service ecosystems and delivery platforms. His 6 years of experience of digital product and service design drive strategic reserach and benchmarking, inovative conceptual output, development and final UI design, working closely with the client to ensure quality throughout. Luke has recently written about his passion for simple interfaces here.

Lucy Wilson

Interaction Designer, Fjord

Interaction Designer, Flow Interactive

Lucy’s previous experience as a product and packaging designer for GlaxoSmithKline has given her an understanding of brand design, large scale international user research, and the commercial realities in solving design challenges.

Whilst at Flow, Lucy has helped design a high profile, complex touch screen ticketing system, and mobile design guidelines for a large multinational corporation.

Louise Armstrong

Sustainability Advisor, Forum for the Future

Sustainability Advisor, Forum for the Future

Louise is a part of the advisory team in Forum with links to the energy system, The Lab and with an interest in ICT, but unofficially connector and owner of all sorts of random Forum for the Future intelligence. I tend to help on Forum’s large multi-stakeholder projects, anything from Fashion Futures to the Sustainable Shipping Initiative – the more innovative and creative the better!