2016 Speakers and Mentors

James rock

James is Managing Partner at leading innovation agency DesignThinkers Group UK. James is a trained designer and mechanical engineer who moved into business and service management and later into transformation consultancy. He is a creative and imaginative strategic thinker who has substantial in-depth practical experience in product and service design and development, operations management, and business/service design. James uses Design Thinking to focus on identification of the real challenges behind problems, and Service Design methodologies to co-design appropriate solutions using collaborative and cross-disciplinary tools and techniques.



Michelle Freeman

Michelle graduated from Loughborough University with a 1st class degree in Retailing, Marketing and Management in 2014 and has since been working as a creative consultant at North Highland. She has a specific knowledge of Omni-Channel Customer Experience within the retail industry and public sector, having led on a number of digital customer centred-design projects within an agile environment. Michelle takes a
balanced approach to recognising both qualitative and quantitative insights, to support the development of future experiences and also has experience measuring impacts following implementation. Michelle has helped to establish and participated in hackathons and has a drive to get things done quickly.


Mark G

Mark Grace

Mark is a consultant at North Highland with a specific knowledge of product and digital experiences, having worked on a roll out of new technology in a large government department and enjoys challenging the norm looking for new innovative solutions. He’s currently heading up our very own product incubator in North Highland which aims to take the awesome ideas our employees have and turn them into commercial products as quickly as possible. He is passionate about ideation sessions, having been involved in a number of hackathons and currently he is trying to implement a scrum approach to sales at a regional advertiser to help them become more digitally focused as the print industry continues its decline at an alarming rate.

Kate Greenstock

Kate Greenstock

Kate is design director at Pancentric, the service design and digital consultancy. She leads the design team and helped to develop the LEARN-CREATE-MAKE process that we use to help companies innovate and design services that people truly value. Her background is in UX-led web design and she has worked with RSA, London Gateway and Life Fitness, which resulted in a coveted BIMA award, while at Pancentric.

James Reeve

James Reeve

James is a project facilitator at Pancentric, the service design and digital consultancy. He is responsible for leading a range of innovation, service design and digital projects, and has become adept at merging our design thinking process with agile web development methods. James worked on the award-winning Life Fitness project with Kate, as well as Zurich and Bluewater while at Pancentric.

guest speakers

Akhil Morjaria

Akhil is a designer at Pancentric, the service design and digital consultancy. His background is in UX-led web design but he has developed his design thinking skills throughout his Pancentric career. He continues to work on digital projects, which have so far included Ralph Lauren, Premium Credit and Silverstone, but is also one of the company’s main workshop facilitators.


Freddie Altman

Freddie Altman

Freddie is an Experience Designer at Deloitte Digital. Before moving towards the UX and Service Design field, he had a background working in traditional consulting – mainly for Financial Services clients. Having designed business processes and operating models for clients across various industries, Freddie has strategic and operational experience that complements his design skills and gives him a more holistic appreciation of the wider service ecosystem.

Matthew Young

Matthew Young

Matthew has worked for two world-leading User Experience consultancies, Fjord & Deloitte Digital, and the multi-national technology consultancy firm Accenture. Working across several industry verticals, he has had wide exposure to project work in Health & Public Service, Retail and FMCG. More recently, he has been working with Deloitte Digital to establish the Service Design team focusing on delivering service design offerings to the traditional consulting market and their clients.

Harriet Maule-Finch

Harriet Maule-Finch

Harriet’s focus is on a user centred approach, with her capabilities spanning both research and design, across Retail, Financial Services, Telco and Professional Services clients. Harriet is a strong believer in testing with end users, from ideas up to the final build, and has extensive experience in conducting lab based as well as guerilla user testing. She has worked on responsive site design as well as iOS app design. Harriet has formally studied Business Analysis and is an advocate for operating UX research and design activities in the agile delivery process.

Chris MacTaggart

Chris MacTaggart

Chris is an MBA turned UX designer, currently at Deloitte Digital, working with clients ranging from public sector to financial services, including top international banks, national transportation companies, and non-profit start-ups. Chris’s goal is to create great experiences that lead to great interactions between businesses and their customers through simplicity and elegance.

natalie moore

Natalie Moore

Natalie Moore is a Senior Experience Design Consultant at Deloitte Digital. With a PhD in User-Centred Design from Loughborough Design School, Natalie’s strengths lie in research methodologies, holistic user-centred design and evaluation for product and service design. Across financial services, retail, e-commerce, Public Sector and more, Natalie has worked with clients and end-users to improve their experiences of digital products and services. From strategic service design thinking to detailed UX delivery projects, she uses design thinking tools to advocate the user’s needs in the creation of new solutions.


Nabiha Ahmed

Nabiha is a Consultant at Foolproof, she works on research and interaction design projects largely across the oil, shipping, financial and travel industries. Her focus is to understand business and customer needs, either through formal research or informal conversation then tactfully design solutions keeping the context of customer behaviour and mental models in mind.


Charlotte Hodge

Charlotte studied Design Ergonomics at Loughborough Design School, graduating in 2015.  As part of her degree she spent a year at Foolproof which gave her the opportunity to put what she’d learnt into practice.  Charlotte now works at Foolproof as a consultant gathering insights and creating design recommendations to create positive and memorable experiences for clients’ customers.

matt petit

 Matt Pettitt

Matt leads the Deloitte Digital UX design practice. He has a detailed knowledge of all areas of UX design including user research, requirements gathering, personas, user journeys, wireframe design, prototyping, user testing, service design and UX methodology & tools. Matt has extensive skills in delivering end-to-end UX design for challenging and complicated clients situations and projects and in selecting and adapting the right design approach.

stephen graham.png

 Stephen Graham

Stephen is a digital strategy and service design professional with over seven years experience applying a design thinking approach to strategic planning, service/product management and projects at Deloitte. Stephen joined the team in London in September 2013 after developing his expertise with the Melbourne practice. His skills include experience design, business analysis, technology strategy, co-design, business systems, new venture commercialisation, systems and holistic thinking.


Vanea Cera

Vanea is a Freelance Research, Service and Interaction Designer focused on Human-centred methodologies and practices with almost 9 years experience in the design world. Currently using all the knowledge that her wide professional background offers Vanea puts into practice spacial and human behavioural knowledge merged with problem-solving methods, Design Thinking and Service Design practices to solve cutting-edge problems, providing the best solutions to any projects she is involved in.

Mike Pertwee

Mike is a UX Intern at experience design agency Foolproof where he has worked on projects for companies including TSB, Aviva and the BBC and has had experience working across design, research and project management. He has been studying Industrial Design and Technology at Loughborough and has previous experience of taking part in the Service Jam.


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