Who is organising Service Design Jam?

Lufbra Service Jam London is part of the Global Service Jam, a non-profit activity organised by an international network of service designers who share a belief that collaborative tools and design processes can be used to create change for the better. The Global Service Jam is initiated by Markus Hormess and Adam Lawrence of Work•Play•Experience.

Lufbra Service Jam London has been organised by the team of design thinkers and students from Loughborough University London. This is our fourth Service Jam and we would like to welcome you onto this journey!


Val Mitchell

Val Mitchell is currently a lecturer at Loughborough University. She is particularly interested in the communication of user needs and requirements to designers using scenarios and personas and the design of creative Participatory Design and Co-design methods for eliciting needs from users.

Carolina Escobar Tello

Carolina is a lecturer at Loughborough University. She is a forward thinking researcher and designer. Sustainability, creativity, systemic thinking, and a pro-active mindset shape her role as a designer and citizen of the world.

Ksenija Kuzmina

Ksenija is a lecturer in Design Innovation and Management. She holds PhD in Service Design and Education for Sustainable Development from Loughborough University and MA in Sustainable Design from Kingston University. Her research work is grounded in identifying environmental, social and economic challenges to be systemic and exploring the use of human-centered Service Design methods and … Continue reading Ksenija Kuzmina

Chris Parker

Chris is a Human Factors designer & researcher in the motivation of people to interact with different kinds of products, services or information sets over time to achieve their goals. I studied my PhD in Human Factors at Loughborough University, and BSc in Product Design at the University of Portsmouth. .

Martin Maguire

Martin has a background in both computer studies and ergonomics and is a member of the Ergonomics Society and the Usability Professionals Association. His main interests are in the design of interactive systems and products to be usable by professionals, the general public and including the needs of people who are older or with disabilities.

Andre Brito

André Brito is an independent documentary filmmaker and associate lecturer at Loughborough Design School. He has an MA in Documentary by Practice and a professional background in journalism and advertising. André is currently working in a variety of production and education projects – and he has been happlily recording Service Design Jams since 2013.

Daniel Tuitt

Daniel is currently studying an masters at Loughborough University in Managing Innovation within Creative Organisations with a background in business and design. He has over ten years’ experience working as an entrepreneur running his own business from the age of 14 and has been a part of a number of different start-ups over time.

Tayo Oke

Tayo is currently studying her masters in Design & Culture at Loughborough University London and has a keen interest in how graphic design influences and communicates change. Having previously studied Graphic Communication at Loughborough University (Midlands campus), Tayo has a passion for print design, branding and advertising.

Yasemin Canik

Yasemin is currently a MSc Design Innovation Management student in Loughborough University in London. Having previously studied Industrial Design in Middle East Technical University, Turkey. She has an interest for graphic design, interaction design, design culture, product and service design, design management.  

Panos Tsakiris

Panos is studying for his Design Innovation master’s degree in Loughborough University in London. His Product and Systems Design background has enabled him to gain a thorough understanding of the design process and successfully accomplish many tasks and projects. He has a soft spot for branding and the dream is to be part of a … Continue reading Panos Tsakiris